2016 May

Metal sculpture. Sculptor, Artist - Glebos Tkachenko

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” – metal sculpture installation (Video)

  October 2014 I  was at Yatoo international nature art residence 2014, Gongju, South Korea. I was making an extremely big project – 777cm height metal Giraffe with smal wings, for surreality. At the and of 3 hard working weeks, it was time to install the sculpture at it’s place. I had started to dig […]

Metal Interior Sculpture -Sofi - Sculptor/Artist Glebos

Sofi – metal sculpture

Sofi was born 1.5 years ago, so she is a quite big Giraffe girl Now. She still lives in Prague, I would say, an amazing life. In the house of 2 Great Artists, who are also the perfect couple: Finnish beauty queen Saila, and Czech graphic design-superstar, as well as great person, Jan. Living in the […]