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“EASTWOOD, world of animals”

Filming were took two days. The first day with the climbers (Anton Kozhunov, Andey Andreev) filmed jumping over the trees squirrel and a flying crow, second day – the sheep have been torn by wolves, fox, which came out dry from the water, and a bear scratching on a tree trunk logo Eastwood.
At final version of the video climbing equipment was carefully erased.

The filming crew:
Direction, camera, production, editing – BDSM (Mitya Levin, Andrey Charkasov)
Idea, producing – Eastwood (Glebos Tkachenko, Isaev Valery)
MakeUp – Marina Shiyan, Kseniya Kamen
Lighting engineer – Sergey Anishenko
Photo – Sergey Anishenko, Kseniya Pichugina

greatest climbers – Anton Kozhunov, Andey Andreev
Misha Mikhanik
Irina Kasheeva
Anton kasheev
Kseniya Puzrakova