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Here we are

It has been a while since my last entry, I am very sorry about it. but there is a reason to it, I got my second daughter, her Name is Ragnhild Tora, and now she is almost 2 years old - time is fast - huh? It has been a really great years of self development in the art field and personal field - happy about it! It has been made a lot of sculptures in different materials and in different scales, of course there has been metal giraffes 8 meters hight - you know can't - live without them, it's been a lot of wood sculptures for interiors, most of them are sold, but I will show some photos in coming months. Have a great Day, I love people. Even if they are assholes!

On the photo Steffie Pedersen and Gleb Dusavitskiy climbing Gleb's sculpture in Minqin Desert, China 2018