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Stone Sculptures

Below, you will see monumental, outdoor sculptures, made from different stone kinds.

My little friend to conquer the world

115/60/85 cm, stone sculpture, Craiova, Romania 2016.

"My little friend to conquer the world", Gleb Dusavitskiy, Craiova international sculpture symposium, Romania 2016

Feeling the wind in the waves

175/160/100 cm, trachyte stone sculpture, Menet, France 2016

"Feeling the wind in the waves", Gleb Dusavitskiy, Menet international sculpture symposium, France 2016

Centaur & Amazon

240/160/80 cm, limestone monumental sculpture, Ayia Napa, Cyprus 2016

"Centaur & Amazon", Gleb Dusavitskiy, Greek mythology theme, Ayia Napa international sculpture symposium, Cyprus 2016

Breaking on through

170/150/80 cm limestone sculpture, Rotorua Sculpture, New Zeland 2014

"Breaking on through", Gleb Dusavitskiy, Theme – The Returning Soldier, Rotorua Sculpture Symposium, New Zeland 2014


20/70/60, marble sculpture, Sent GR, Switzerland 2014

"Love", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 20th International sculpture Symposium, Camping Sur En


390/250/140cm, monumental stone sculpture, Rawabi, west bank 2014

"Materialization", Gleb Dusavitskiy, International Sculpture Symposium, Rawabi, west bank 2014


270/120/120 cm, monumental stone sculpture. Antalya, Turkey 2013

"Meddah", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 1st Antalya International Humor Sculpture Symposium, Turkey 2013


150/120/100 cm, monumental marble sculpture, Corzuela, Chaco, Argentia 2013

"Disengagement", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 3rd International sculpture symposium at Corzuela, Chaco, Argentina 2013


300/100/100 cm, monumental marble sculpture. Caransebes, Romania 2012

"Integration", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 3rd international sculpture symposium, Caransebes, Romania 2012

The Port

450/400/150 cm, monumental granite sculpture composition, Hui’an, China 2011

"The Port", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 6th CCAF China Carving Art Festival & Hui’an International Stone Carving Competition, China 2011


100/100/200 cm, monumental stone sculpture, Amchit, Lebanon 2011

"Intimate", Gleb Dusavitskiy, International sculpture symposium, Amchit, Lebanon 2011


80/50/110 cm, marble sculpture, !!! WINNER !!! 2nd JURY PRIZE !!!, Montbrison, France 2010.

"Rugby", Gleb Dusavitskiy, 17th international sculpture symposium, Montbrison, France 2010 !!! WINNER !!! 2nd JURY PRIZE !!!

Song of sun

60/80/180cm, monumental stone sculpture, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon 2009

"Song of sun", Gleb Dusavitskiy, International sculpture symposium Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon 2009