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The adventures of Tom Sawyer

October 2014 I was at Yatoo international nature art residence 2014, Gongju, South Korea. I was making an extremely big project – 777cm height metal Giraffe with smal wings, for surreality. At the and of 3 hard working weeks, it was time to install the sculpture at it’s place. I had started to dig the pit for the sculpture base and after a few minutes kind Mr Eung-woo Ri was helping me, then after a few more minutes Gunjan Tyagi was digging the hole with us, and one by one, in less then half a hour, about all 15 artists from the exhibition were in a collaboration working process of the sculpture installation, where the hole was digged, stones were moved and the base of the sculpture was buried. Just like in Mark Twain’s book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy

Make it pink. Sculpture 777

Here is the finishing part of the work with 777 canisters Giraffe, made from metal, at Yatoo international residences in Gongju, South Korea October 2014. Painting the sculpture in pink. Somehow my previous metal sculptures are going with bright and shining colors, that’s is definitely my preference, since I first time made it. Same as this one Giraffe named Joly or 777 is bright Pink.
P.S. It was not very safe way to make it..))) but everything went well! thanks to god!. Sculptor, Artist – Glebos Tkachenko

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy


During the international sculpture symposium in Morges 2013 (Switzerland), me and Japanese sculptor Marin made the performance with the same name, as my sculpture we’ve used. “Naissance” – in translation from French it’s mean the birth. Also Idea of our art performance is the birth, in general meaning, whatever could it bring.
P.S. Here is the video made from the photos of the performance. Morges, Switzerland, 2013

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy


This video about the creation the abstract sculpture composition for the boutique, located in Penza, Russia 2013

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy


Symposium in Argentina was very special. it was like the circus all around, everything move, sing, yell, plays, around. Me – the person , who got in the center of that circus played specialy for me, but the trouth is – it’s how they realy live. Staying happy all the time.
P.S. Video about 3rd international sculpture symposium at Corzuela, Chaco, Argentina 2013

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy

“Fucking colors of EASTWOOD"

People say the world appeared after the the big bang, the ray of light contains all touches of colors, all is in cycles. All will pass, and this will, too. But despite these general truths EASTWOOD team has just created a new video lookbook where light becomes color, time is distorted reminding us that it is only a concept in our mind. where models in colorful outfits appear and disappear as if in a dream with our favorite hero whom we will be looking for through our lifetime, as long as our mind exists – where is it? There in the smoke – is it me or you? Was I? Who? Yesterday? Today?
And again it’s all light and color: “Fucking colors” Eastwood video lookbook Spring 2013

The filming crew:
Directing, production, models’ looks – BDSM
idea, producer – EASTWOOD - Gleb Dusavitskiy, Valeriy Isaev
Music – Michael Babanov
Titles – Armen Kandilyan
Makeup – Marina Shiyan
Models: Lera Makarova, Olesya Mokrousova, Kate Bidniy, Olga Koroleova Armen Kandilyan, Alexei Glebov.
Photo: Ksenia Pichugina

“Eastwood” video lookbook #1

The filming crew:
Direction, camera, production, editing – BDSM
Idea, producing – EASTWOOD - Gleb Dusavitskiy, Valeriy Isaev

MakeUp – Marina Shiyan, Kseniya Kamen
Lighting engineer – Sergey Anishenko
Photo – Sergey Anishenko, Kseniya Pichugina

greatest climbers – Anton Kozhunov, Andey Andreev

Misha Mikhanik
Irina Kasheeva
Kseniya Puzrakova

Wolves – Vladislav Zamulin, Pauline
Lamb – Alina Wickman
Fox – Bella Mishineva
Raven – Xenia Pichugin
Squirrel – Julia Dasaeva
Bear – Alexei Glebov

Art sculpture installation “Awakening”

During the 3rd international Wood Sculpture Symposium in Ahrntal/South Tyrol, Italy 2012, I had an idea to make the Art Sculpture installation “Awakening” … So lets wake up, and look around, what we are doing. What about love, What about earth?
Sculptor – Glebos

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy

Being inspired by Trentemoller Moan

Inspired by the music, thinking about the Muza for artist – what it is? How should she be? Where should she exist? is it the night dream or hallucination?…Love, waiting, search….

Camera – Kseniya Puzrakova
Actress – Kseniya Egorova
Producing, editing – Gleb Dusavitskiy

Penza’s international sculpture symposium 2008

First international sculpture symposium in Penza, Russia 2008, We were working, and dancing, working, and singing, working and swimming.

Producing, photo, video, edition – Gleb Dusavitskiy